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Energy Monitoring Architecture Design

Each monitoring project is unique and requires specialists to create the most cost effective, quick and efficient design possible to ensure the best possible results. 

Existing Monitoring Infrastructure Value Extraction

Legacy monitoring investments are analyzed and field verified to ensure that previous investments are maximized to their full potential.  

Ad-Hoc Software Energy Integrations

The Internet of Things opens up the possibilities to have non "Smart" equipment to communicate with the cloud offering unprecedented insight to site operations.  

Energy & Automation Hardware

Providers of the most powerful energy and automation hardware in the world. Each client has different needs that require a whole gamma of products to address individual concerns for varying levels of complexity to suit their needs. 

Cloud Platform Administration

Keeping up to date on trends of predictive analysis, cognitive intelligence and changing infrastructure require constant administration to account for changes in tariff rates, weather patterns and growing infrastructure to remain competitive. 

Expert Energy Analysis & Training

Transforming data into information requires experts to extract value and deliver savings. Recommendations are made and follow up tools are deployed to ensure proper tracking of results. Tailored training programs to promote culture change, increase knowledge and transfer of know how to properly manage multi-site and complex energy efficiency projects. 

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